Year 4’s Alphabet War Poem

Air-raid wardens checking London,

Bombs falling down, down, down,

Chaos is caused by war.

Destiny is to win!


Evacuees leave their homes,

Fatal days await for those who fight,

Germany controlled by Hitler,

Hitler’s cruel as ever can be,

Innocent men fighting for their families,

Joining forces with other countries, together we will win!


Kisses for no one,

Loved children leaving,

Mothers cry tears for their children,

New homes, no birthday cake, no kisses, no hugs.

Ordinary people being killed.

Passengers aboard trains as they cry and wave to their kin.


Quickly bombs destroy our homes,

Rationing is hard but we survive, we’ve got our bit to keep us alive,


Sad soldiers have to fight,

Trillions of people lost their lives.

Ugly scenes abandoned by German bombs,

Violent bombs destroyed our city,

Weary people, scared for their lives,

eXit your house before the bombs hit,


Years gone by but brave soldiers will not be forgotten,

Zest was showered over Britain as we won the war!

WW2 Carrot Cookies recipe

The children in year 4 baked a recipe from WW2 today.

We have been looking at the types of foods they ate during the war and how they coped with the ration.

We decided to make our very own WW2 cookies, they were very yummy, so here is the recipe…

Carrot Cookie Recipe

1 tbsp marg or butter

2tbsp sugar

a drop of vanilla essence

4tbsp of grated carrot (about half a big carrot)

6oz self raising flour




Cream the butter and sugar until fluffy, add grated carrot and flavouring. Work in the flour. At this point add the milk gradually to make a sticky dough.

Drop spoonfuls of dough onto a greased baking tray. Sprinkle each cookie with a little demerara sugar and bake in a ‘brisk oven’ (180c) for 20 minutes.

Makes 12-15

*look more like rock cakes rather than cookies!


Fairtrade Café

An enormous thank you to all the children who donated money for last Friday’s Fairtrade Café! The money has been counted and, as a school, we have raised a total of £278.25!

Here are some pictures of Year 3 enjoying their Fairtrade snacks.

Miss Pepler

Athletics Final

The athletics final took place on 22/2/17 St Johns came 4th out of  over 60 schools!

Well done to all the children that took part and their impeccable behavior.

Sophie and Noah received the PE award for Passion!

Safer Internet Day

Image result for safer internet day 2017


‘Be the change: unite for a better internet’


Tuesday 7th February 2017 is safer internet day.  St. John’s digital leaders have been training for a number of weeks and learning all about e safety and the importance of staying safe online. Digital leaders can you give us some advice on staying safe online and the importance of doing so?  Can anyone else add their suggestions as to how we can ensure we stay safe online?

Thursday 2nd February- Athletics Event

A few children represented St Johns in an athletics event yesterday.

They all had a fantastic day, many came home with certificates!

Well done to Angelin and Pearce for winning  the PE value certificate for Passion!

Thank you to all the children for being model students, trying your best and most importantly having FUN!