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The Environment

This term we are studying the environment and how to ensure we look after it.  Can you create a rap or poem to encourage people to look after our world? Use the example to give you some ideas. This example was written by the Lower Key Stage 2 teachers!

Our world is a gift – don’t be a litter bug,

Embrace our world, with a metaphorical hug!

Ensure you recycle and reuse what you can,

Respect our world- don’t go pollutin’ man!

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Safer Internet Day

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‘Be the change: unite for a better internet’


Tuesday 7th February 2017 is safer internet day.  St. John’s digital leaders have been training for a number of weeks and learning all about e safety and the importance of staying safe online. Digital leaders can you give us some advice on staying safe online and the importance of doing so?  Can anyone else add their suggestions as to how we can ensure we stay safe online?

Viking Longhouses

Hello Year 3!

Today we visited the woods and made our own Viking longhouse models.

I was very impressed by every group’s effort. So many of you remembered lots of the features of a longhouse.

Which part of your model were you most proud of?
Was there a part that was more challenging to make than the rest?


Superb work!
Miss Norfolk