The Environment

This term we are studying the environment and how to ensure we look after it.  Can you create a rap or poem to encourage people to look after our world? Use the example to give you some ideas. This example was written by the Lower Key Stage 2 teachers!

Our world is a gift – don’t be a litter bug,

Embrace our world, with a metaphorical hug!

Ensure you recycle and reuse what you can,

Respect our world- don’t go pollutin’ man!

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18 thoughts on “The Environment

  1. leo and Freddie anderson

    Earth is a good place to live, and to keep clean
    so pick up your litter and don’t be mean.
    The bins at our houses are green blue and brown,
    recycling is good for the town!
    stop using your cars and get on your bikes,
    go explore to see new sights!
    Don’t be insane and use your brain!

    1. Mrs McGeehan Post author

      What a super poem! Well done Freddie and Leo. I really enjoyed reading this.

  2. calum

    Life and death is what the environment means to me,
    my favourite feature is the sea.
    People litter just a bit,
    don’t just lie there or sit.
    Protect the trees and they’ll protect you,
    caring is all you have to do.

  3. Mrs McGeehan Post author

    Emmett’s Rap

    Do not Pollute!
    Do not exclude!
    The possibilities are true.
    To save our planet, that’s what we do.
    While people are making our planet worse,
    We are acting like the planet’s nurse.

  4. Natasza Margalska

    Morning Coffee at ‘Bin Place’
    Paper Jack with Paper Grace,
    Talking by the table four
    about sad news in their world.
    That the Billy naughty boy
    don’t recycle waste at home.
    Mixing glass, cans, clothes and waste,
    to the green bin everyday.
    So remember everyone
    to recycle like a Champ
    Segregate to green, brown, blue
    and tell Billy how to do!

  5. Mrs McGeehan Post author

    The Environment by Isla Swanton

    Our World is a lovely place, so don’t abuse
    Make sure to always recycle, so people can reuse it.
    Don’t leave your stuff on the floor, put it in a bin.
    Leaving litter and rubbish all about, surely is a sin!

  6. Mrs McGeehan Post author

    Put your rubbish in the bin,
    Just be clever, don’t be dim!
    Turn off the lights, get it right.
    It’s our Earth
    So remember what it’s worth!

    Aoife Griffin

  7. Esme Saunders

    The Environment by Esme

    The world is a wonderful place,
    It is home to the entire human race,
    Stop throwing rubbish all over the ground,
    If you want to stick around.

  8. Wiktoria

    Wiktoria’s poem
    Love your Mother Earth,
    Take care of every place,
    Remember about it every day,
    Do it please just in case.

    You’ve got everything from her,
    She shares her treasures with you,
    Please don’t be selfish,
    Do whatever you can do.

    You are not the only one,
    Recycle rubbish every day,
    That will be really good fun.

  9. Annabel Beak

    Our world is a lovely place!
    We see it everyday, it’s in our face!
    So don’t dump rubbish, don’t cut trees
    and don’t throw away your one day, out of date peas!
    Don’t make a lot of smoke, it’ll only make you choke
    Turn your rubbish into money, save you being broke!

    One man’s rubbish can be another man’s treasure after all 🙂

  10. Tia

    Save our planet
    Save our home
    Lets give a hand
    And never moan
    Pick up rubbish
    Turn off lights
    Lets all hold hands
    And shout what’s right.

    By Tia Barclay

  11. Jeriah Anto

    Make our world a better place to live and recycle more
    Polar ice is melting and polar bears won’t have anywhere to live,
    So please!please! look after our world.
    Don’t leave rubbish lying around or on pavements for its the only world we have.
    Switch off and don’t leave things on stand-by.
    Use public transport more and drive less.
    Its our world and we have only one chance
    So seize the moment….RECYCLE MORE!!!!!!!

  12. Camilla

    R ecycle, don’t be a litter bug,
    E nvironment deserves a hug.
    C are for trees they need a guard,
    Y ou can do it, it’s not too hard!
    C ome and love our green back yard,
    L ook after our world so it looks after you,
    E ncourage other people to do it too!

  13. aleksander puk

    Help the world as people would to you!
    Don,t be a person that just throws litter everywhere.
    So make the world a better place to live.
    I hope that nobody is going to throws litter!!!

  14. oliver

    Out in space,
    There is a place
    That can be seen,
    It is blue and green.
    It used to be beautiful and clean
    But now it’s the worst it’s ever been.
    Polluted with rubbish and dirt,
    It is being ruined and hurt.
    We need to think about what it is worth
    Before we say goodbye to planet Earth.


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