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What am I?


Think of a shape and write a list of clues using the shape vocabulary you have used this week!

You can post more than one if you would like to, please have a go at answering each others! You may have to log on another day to do so.

This shape has parallel lines….

This shape has four right angled corners…

This shape has 4 lines of symmetry…

What am I?

Athletics Event

A few children in years 5 and 6 took part in an Athletics event on Thursday 26th January.

The children behaved beautifully and were a credit to our school.

They came 1st place and over all not one child came less than 2nd place!!

Ryan and Maddison received  the PE value award for Passion!

Well done to all who took part!

Shapes challenges


Year 5

This week we have been learning about shapes and some of their properties. See if you can answer my challenges below!

How many irregular quadrilaterals can you name?

Can you write a definition for the different types of triangle?

What is a regular shape?


Miss Pepler 🙂