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Rugby Tournament Report – By Tiago

  Rugby report

On the 20th of October, year 5 and 6 went to Banbury rugby club to play rugby. They were split up into 3 teams, A, B and C. There were 22 teams from 10 schools who went.

A, team 1, was yellow which was Katie, Caiomhe, Jake W, Niamh, Darragh, Akin, Sophie and Tadiwa. B, team 2, was green, which were Alfie, Pearce, Jake A, Jessica, Amelia, Matthew, Erica and Daisy.     C, team 3, was blue, which were Lilly, Lewis, Luke, Gabby, Christina, William and Phoebe.

The first match I watched was team A which had Tadi ‘the rocket’.




The second team, team C, did great, especially William. The third team, team B, put in a great performance and had ‘Daisy Dash’. Then we watched team A again, Jake and Tadi scored some fantastic tries.

Darragh was brilliant at organising the strategies. Team B finished 4th in their group, Team A finished 1st in their group. Team B played again and won group D. Team A won group A and qualified for the North Oxfordshire partnership finals!

They showed excellent sportsmanship and always handed their tags back politely at the end of all the matches.




They had so much fun!

By Tiago dos Santos.

Rugby Tournament- Miss Pepler’s class!

On Thursday the 20th of October year 5 and 6 went to Banbury rugby club. We were split in to three groups team A, team B and team C, we played lots of matches.
Team A came first out of 16 teams!
Team B came 4th and won against all the teams in that competition. Team C came joint 3rd in their competition.

All children were fantastic and tried their best.

A special shout out to the girls especially Katie, Caoimhe, Sophie and Niamh who played with sportsmanship and competitive determination. They were even noticed by other members of staff from other schools!

Well done to all that took part and represented St Johns!