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On Saturday the 24th of September some of KS2 went to the cross-country event at Banbury academy. There was about 13 schools in total and at least 100 people if not more in each race. In total there was 6 races including Yr 1/2 girls, Yr 1/2 boys, Yr 3/4 girls, Yr 3/4 boys, Yr 5/6 girls and Yr 5/6 boys but we didn’t bring anyone in KS1. In the Yr 5/6 girls race Eimear won and I came 24th, coming 54th last time, and Maddison came a fantastic 20th smashing her old record. In the Yr 5/6 boys race, Aaron just got in to the top ten coming 10th and Ryan came 14th. In the Yr 3/4 boys Eamon came 13th. Overall our school wasn’t the best but we did improve from last time. All of the runners ran their best and were fantastic at running so far.

Miss. Lewis will reveal the determination reward in Mondays assembly.

By Amy (PE leader)

Welcome Back!


Welcome to Year 2 Blog Page!

I will be sharing photos and posting questions for you to answer in this space.  The photos may relate to activities we have been doing in class and the questions may ask you for your ideas and knowledge about what we are studying.  Make sure you keep checking the blog space as I will up-date this page regularly.

I hope you had a wonderful summer, what did you do?

Welcome back Year.5!

The Magic of Zero! Thinking time!

In Year 5 we are learning about the Romans. Soon we will be looking at the Roman Numeral system.

Did you notice the Roman Numeral system does not contain a Zero?

Why do you think that zero is important in the number system?

What sort of problems do you think may occur in a world without ‘Zero?’

Answers please!