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Paralympic PE lesson

Today in our PE lesson year 1 have been thinking about how amazing our paralympians are and they have carried out their PE lesson trying to imagine what an incredible ability these athletes must have in order to compete in their chosen sport. We were completing some games blindfolded and we used different senses to help us in the activities!

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Year 1 can’t stop reading!

This week our reading challenge was launched, and since then year 1 just can’t seem to stop reading! They are reading during their playtimes and even whilst standing in the line. They really enjoyed visiting the library today too. Keep up the good work year 1!

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Class Assembly

Well done year 1 for such a fantastic class assembly! It was really lovely to see your families there and we all loved watching you. The staff at St John’s have also been commenting on how great they thought you were so a BIG well done to you all!

Miss Walas šŸ™‚

Viking Longhouses

Hello Year 3!

Today we visited the woods and made our own Viking longhouse models.

I was very impressed by every group’s effort. So many of you remembered lots of the features of a longhouse.

Which part of your model were you most proud of?
Was there a part that was more challenging to make than the rest?


Superb work!
Miss Norfolk

Rounders Match with the Grange

Last Friday, we played a Rounders tournament against the Grange. St John’s showed great sportsmanship and although we didn’t win, I was really pleased with our team work and enthusiasm. Do you think we should have more sports competitions against the Grange?go lara mae image (3) tiago

Bridge to Terabithia


This term we have been reading ‘Bridge to Terabithia’ in class which the children are really enjoying. This week we have been out into the woods and writing setting descriptions using prepositions.

Who is your favourite character in the story and why?

Miss. Warwood